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ART-CC Ltd. constructs one-storey and two-storey eco-houses with an unbroken insulation as a result of which the energy used to heat the place is minimized to 15% in comparison to the buildings constructed in the conventional way.
The houses meet all Euro standards.
With our eco-houses we offer:
  • thermo insulation;
  • noise insulation - to 65dB;
  • fire stability class А1;
  • earthquake stability;
  • ventilation to throw away dirty air and dampness;
  • finishing off the final details, you are just given the key;
  • 10 years of guarantee;
  • 100 years endurance;
  • to finish off in 45 days;
  • attractive cost.

Brochure - wooden houses
Structure of eco-panels
Standart designs for constructing of eco-houses
Because of their ecology our eco-houses save expenses for electricity, water and medicine.

Our technology is also suitable for building garages, commercial premises, warehouses and other business buildings.
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